Our Solutions


Fleet Management


We have a lot more data available than we actually use to calculate our itineraries. GaliGo finally combines real time image recognition, high-accuracy positioning, and collective user data to compute the best most efficient routes for you and your business.


Real-time Traffic Updates


The 10-minute span between the moment traffic congestion is formed and the moment it is alerted to users is enough to significantly aggravate the problem. With GaliGo, those alert you can instantly anticipate traffic congestion and adapt your route as you go.


Public Transport Information


Public transport times are still a mystery to urban communities: You know when that bus is supposed to stop by but you can never know for sure if and when it does. With GaliGo, you can follow public transport's exact location at all times.


Delivery Tracking


Making online purchases is as easy as ever, but having them delivered to your door is another story. With GaliGo, you can schedule your deliveries to your liking and track them from the moment they are dispatched until you receive them.


Road Anomaly Detection


By deploying our technology on urban vehicles, we detect road anomalies automatically and in a matter of seconds. Accidents, roadworks, deviations, poor road conditions: If you can name it GaliGo can detect it.


Traffic Signal Analysis


Most traffic accidents and congestions occur as a result of poor traffic signal coordination. GaliGo proposes an innovative solution that identifies those miscoordinations automatically, helping cities address them accordingly.